Reverse Diet eBook

Is it time For A Reverse Diet?

If you have recently completed a diet and you have achieved your desired results, or if you have stopped losing weight and and are not sure why, it may be time for a reverse diet to help you transition back to eating a more normal and healthy diet.

A reverse diet typically involves slowly adding calories back into your diet in a controlled and monitored manner. This can help you maintain your results, prevent weight gain, and help you adjust to a healthier, long-term eating plan.

This eBook explains how this works, and what you need to do to achieve results.

Eat More

Gain Muscle

Get Stronger

Be Healthy

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What’s Included?

Who Is A Reverse Diet For?

Understanding Metabolism

How to Calculate TDEE

Importance Of Gaining Muscle

Nutrition & Macronutrients

Weight Training & How To Build A Plan